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Has your smartphone become very slow or does it even stop functioning at all? A smartphone repair is probably the best option for you when your device is running slower than before or even stops working altogether. Feel free to visit our store in Alblasserdam for this. The knowledgeable experts in Wise Telecom will help you right away. You are also very welcome without an appointment. Of course we only work with top quality parts. If the repair takes a little longer than desired, we offer you a loaner device free of charge. So you will never be without a smartphone!

Benefits smartphone repair

A smartphone is an ingenious device with many functionalities. This offers many possibilities and advantages, but of course there are also many things that can go wrong. If these defects are not visible to the naked eye (such as a crack in the screen), the smartphone will soon be labeled as broken, after which a new device will be purchased. This is often unjustified. And unnecessary too. Having your smartphone repaired offers more benefits than many people think. For example, the costs of a repair are usually limited, in any case lower than the purchase of a new telephone. Furthermore, the majority of repairs are carried out quickly and come with a three-month warranty. Finally, it is useful to realize that a smartphone repair is better for the environment then buying a new device. This makes a big difference in the raw materials needed and the CO2 emissions that are released during the production and subsequent destruction of a smartphone.

Smartphone repair for almost all brands in Alblasserdam

If you want to have your smartphone repaired, then Wise Telecom is the right place for you. By this we mean: we carry out these repairs for smartphones of all well-known brands. Above you can see which brands these are. Do you unexpectedly not see the brand of your smartphone? Nothing wrong. Please do not hesitate to contact us, because there is a good chance that we can repair your device.

Smartphone repair Service in Alblasserdam

At Wise Telecom, we make sure to keep time to a minimum and save you from the inconvenience of finding alternatives to perform your tasks. Our experienced and well-trained team has encountered every problem with a damaged phone/tablet and has practiced many new techniques to get your phone back to like new condition. In addition to repair services, we also specialize in diagnosing various hardware and software problems. After all, the last thing you want is to be overcharged for inferior material, which leads to various technical issues in your phone. We are proud of the reputation we have built by providing services on time.

Smartphone repair Alblasserdam

Are you tired of the old methods of making phone repairs and multiple trips to the repair shop? Wise Telecom has all the ultimate smartphone solutions. Our technicians are brilliant and experts. With well-designed technology, it’s time to extend the life of your Smartphone. They have a solution to all your Smartphone related problems right here! Smartphones have become so essential that the world has stopped even if they stop working for just one day. It is a kind of addiction that is even a necessity. We all want the best service for its maintenance. Wise telecom smartphone repair in Alblasserdam has a very reliable team of professionals who relieve consumers in the best possible way using the latest techniques and technologies. The technicians always keep themselves informed. Whether it’s Samsung repair, iPhone repair, MI repair, or any smartphone repair, wise Telecom provides service for every mobile at wise Telecom. Not every time your Smartphone starts acting up means it’s time to buy a new phone; You can save money 80% of the time by simply doing a smartphone repair. Phone repair for almost all brands is succinct.

How can we solve these common mobile phone problems quickly and without hassle?

Bad battery life, high-quality batteries are replaced at Wise telecom battles.

  • Overheating issues when the phone starts to heat up more than the regular rate.
  • Slow phones are easily fixed by updating the software.
  • Broken screen, change the screen.
  • The charging slot is damaged and can be easily changed.
  • Lost data from your damaged phone can be quickly recovered at wise Telecom.

Time for a smartphone repair

When you notice that your Smartphone is lagging or slowing down, it’s time to have your Smartphone checked by the open lab repair phone service. With these services, they check your mobile phone on-site through laboratory tests. They also scan software and hardware and deduce the problem on-site. In this way, one can save the phone from further damage.

Is smartphone repair worth it?

It is a worthy option to repair a smartphone and buy a new one. New phones are prohibitively expensive these days, and it is prohibitively expensive to purchase a new handset that meets your requirements and needs.

It is cost-effective to have your Smartphone repaired by an authorized company and get free advice from an expert technician. A phone’s life is doubled if you get it fixed and it starts working like a new one. These facilities are easily used at Wise Telecom.

Smartphone Repair by Wise Telecom in Alblasserdam

Wise Telecom provides mobile phone repair Tilburg for almost all brands. MI repair, Samsung repair, iPhone repair, mobile phone repair, Oosterhout, and many others. For all these brands, we have the best technicians. With every visit, you get free advice and consultation, and they guide the customers in the best possible way.

Benefits of having our smartphones repaired

A repaired phone has many advantages. Alblasserdam WiseTelecom provides the best services in Alblasserdam. All service centers provide a three-month warranty after repairing the Smartphone and will fully satisfy the customers.

Wise Telecom technicians offer their customers free open-lab repair and advice if a phone fails to function correctly for three months. A person can save money if he gets his phone repaired. A person saves time, which is required when transferring data from an old phone to a new phone.

Wise Telecom offers some additional benefits.

Their open lab service works perfectly, and they provide a speedy service by identifying the problem in a short time. In Strijen, Papendrecht, and Alblasserdam, they always ensured the availability of spare parts. The best part about Wise Telecom is that if a phone requires more time to recover, they provide a loaner phone for the customer to use so that the vital work of the customer doesn’t get ignored.

Services for every smartphone brand

Wise Telecom has everyone covered, whether you are an IOS or Android user. We repair mobile phones of almost all brands under one roof, from Sony, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, Blackberry, MI, HTC, LG, and major brands. Like Samsung and iPhones too. Isn’t it great? You are absolutely in the right place. Please book your free consultation online and let us do the rest. You will get the feeling of having a new mobile phone.

You can contact us for screen repair costs.

Suppose you have questions about mobile phone repair Tilburg, mobile phone repair Breda Ginnekenweg, and mobile phone repair Twente. You can message us on Facebook

Meest voorkomende telefoon reparaties

apple iphone 7 3 Beste smartphone reparatie service in Alblasserdam

Iphone 7

Scherm Reparatie = €130,00

Accu Reparatie = €50,00

Home Knop = €69,95

samsung galaxy a9 2016 Beste smartphone reparatie service in Alblasserdam

Samsung A5(2015)

Glas Reparatie (Roze) = €135,00

Glas Reparatie (Blauw) = €135,00

Glas Reparatie (Goud) = €135,00

apple iphone 8 new 1 Beste smartphone reparatie service in Alblasserdam

Iphone 8

Scherm Reparatie = €140,00

Accu Reparatie = €55,00

Home Knop = €69,95

samsung galaxy a9 2016 Beste smartphone reparatie service in Alblasserdam

Samsung A8(2018)

Glas Reparatie = €135,00

Accu Reparatie = €64,95

Achterkant Origineel = €59,95